It took me long to get back to writing as priorities had disabled me for quite a long period. Priorities were many but one major factor which was opposing me was my laziness. So first of all apologies to my readers.

As it was Sunday, I too got a holiday from my work. I was alone as my friends were enjoying in some part of the town. As my mind refused to spend this weekend alone, i prepared myself for a small journey.
So I took my vehicle out and geared up for a ” A LONE DRIVE.”

It was evening time and darkness had started conquering the sky.

As I touched the highway, sky was fully dark and flashy headlights were surrounding me everywhere. Well one thing that i forgot to introduce was the LIGHT FACTOR. It was ‘DIWALI, – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS ‘ season in India now. So the city, ‘MUMBAI’ which already remains lighted up the whole year was indeed glittering.
As a teenager, one of my fascinations is speed. As i was riding on highway i could take myself to any extreme.

My speeding scooter and the dazzling  lights were an awesome combination. ( AT LEAST FOR ME ) . As i reached my destination, the ‘Queens Garland – Marine drive’ , i could see that the whole place was illuminated.
Well i had no crackers to burst so i was taking pleasure in watching others bursting them. It was really fascinating. The photographer inside me help me click some good pics.


There was joy all over as people were enjoying in their own way.
As I was sitting alone, I was lost in my own thoughts. After a while, I noticed a woman who just came and sat beside me.
Well i must say the woman was looking gorgeous as she dressed in an Indian attire. She was looking wonderful, but more wonderful was her heart.
When people were busy wasting money in buying crackers and then bursting them to ashes, this wonderful woman went to the poor children who lived on the streets and distributed money to them.
The kids were overwhelming with happiness as they could now celebrate their festival.
Well that act was something new and inspiring that i learnt from that woman.

As I was alone, my thought process took me to another part of life where there were many people who wished to enjoy with their family but they couldn’t. We often forget them. The – DRIVERS, SOLDIERS, POLICE MEN, TRAFFIC POLICE, AUTO RICKSHAW DRIVERS, and many more.
These unnoticed people contribute to our happiness knowingly or unknowingly. Their sacrifice is indeed a reason for our happiness.

My thoughts were often distracted by the sound of the crackers. AH! But anyhow its Diwali, and this is the way it is.
With a mixed feeling the lone rider prepares his journey back saying good bye to the wonderful season and thanking it for gifting some wonderful thoughts.

But as my thoughts accompany me, I’m no more a lone rider.