alone but alive

Yes, “we are born alone and we die alone.”

The gap between these two extremities, which is termed as LIFE is a blockbuster film including  joy, sorrows, miseries and so on.
The journey of life gifts us friends, enemies, saviors, and many and they leave a part of them in us. “But for men may come and men may go, the life has to go on.”

“RELATIONS” are yet another gift of life which act as an extra pillar in life. But life doesn’t take the guarantee that they will sustain life long. Some stay, while some break.
Some broken bonds hurt us by leaving painful memories behind, while some provokes us to find a new beginning.
After all man was born alone and he dies alone.

Relation is an extra “hand” which gives us a feeling of support, confidence, oneness, trust. It is an extra platform which makes us feel safe.

“It may take years to trust and make a bond, but it takes just one moment to break apart.”
I’ve seen as well experienced situations of relations breaking apart. But as said -“Time heals.” Yes the passing time heals the wounds.

Well yes, that was a soft way of saying. But if practically overviewed -Life goes on, and it waits for none. If you get carried away, you just go on and will end up doing nothing.
The challenge lies to get up from the pothole and to tackle the rest and not to cry for what happened.

“The journey of life is to be sketched alone and not to be scripted by anyone else.”