“Money, costlier than Human lives”

Mumbai, a city which changes its attitude everyday, a city which provides hopes for many, a city which competes with international market, a city which has its links all over the world, a city which is one of the most developed and costliest cities in India has become a home of tragedies.

This is the overview of the city in everyone’s mind.
But deep beneath, the city stands with only one base-that’s MONEY.

The Racket that money has made is more powerful than the skyscrapers which stand in the land of Mumbai.

I had expressed my views about Mumbai in one of my blogs, but now they are being edited by the happenings of terrorism and corruption.
We the middle class people are always experimented and are made to suffer.

It’s a dream to buy a flat in Mumbai for every Mumbaikar. To take advantage of this and extract more money, there are thief’s in skins of builders, politicians and many more.

A yet another fancy world has taken over Mumbai which has left Quality behind. Many of us have an experience of roadside shopping.
We are attracted by the fantasy of the items placed there but its after buying them that we know that it lacks in quality.


A girl who lost her family in the Thane Building collapse.

thane_building_collapsed thane-building-collapse_350_040513075012The building collapse which recently happened in Thane has created a tremor among the people WHICH MAY LAST FOR THE NEXT 2-3 DAYS.

Yes, I’ve highlighted the bitter  fact which every Mumbaikar should accept.
Mumbai is exposed to tragedies but the fact is that it is just a hot news in air for some days.
My heart beats for the people who suffer.

The building was constructed in a span of 2 months on illegal grounds. (the building in which i live cannot be painted in 2 months)
The flats were sold at economic prices for the middle class people.
Poor people became the prey.

The fact is that the building could not have risen without political help.
My dear viewers, do you think you are safe?
Corruption has encroached each and every field of the society.
Take a pledge to cut down the trend which has handicapped our society. The young generation has to make a change.